tip411 Pro CS provides a web-based toolset that allows law enforcement agencies and CrimeStoppers programs to interact like never before, across multiple channels, in real time at an affordable cost.


Send Alerts

Receive Tips

Select Agency

Inform Citizens

Mobilized Community Engagement

  • 2-Way Anonymous Tip Conversations
  • Custom Branded Mobile App
  • Reward Tracking
  • Community Alerts
  • Agency Dashboard

Get tip411 Pro CS

Reward Tracker
Accurately track reward payment amounts, frequency of payments made, send alert notifications with reward details included.

Anonymous Tips
Receive, manage, and respond to tips in real time.  Tips can be sent anonymously via text, web, or mobile app.

Mobile App
Mobile community where citizens can engage with their law enforcement agency to share tips, receive alerts, and more.

Alerts with Reward Details
Instantly reach the public via email and text alerts, with reward details, targeted to custom public or private groups created by your agency.

Social Media Publishing
Save time and reach more people by sharing alerts on your agency’s social accounts with the click of a button.

Download the Stark County Crime Stoppers to see how tip411 Pro CS can work for your program.

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tip411 Pro CS – how it works:

Tips are submitted anonymously via:

  • iPhone/Android mobile apps (custom branded for your agency)
  • Text message
  • Web form (posted on agency website and/or Facebook page)

Manage tips using tip411 Admin Dashboard:

  • Send a reply to tipster (two-way chat)
  • Email and/text message notification of new tip activity
  • Create/manage admin users for your agency

Other Features

  • Web based admin dashboard – no local IT resources required
  • tip411 Admin mobile app for iPhone & Android devices
  • Marketing and promotional assistance available

Watch this video to learn more.

Interested in a demo? Click here.

tip411 Pro CS vs. P3 Tips
The following is a side by side comparison of tip411 Pro CS and P3 Tips in regard to features and functionality.

App Features and Functionality tip411 Pro CS P3 Tips
Custom Branded, Agency Specific Community Engagement App for iPhone and Android  
Trackable Tip Conversation for Reward Eligibility
2-Way Anonymous Text to Tip Capability  
Notifications of New Information on the App
Receive Alerts About Unlimited Topics and Categories  
Submit Anonymous Tips About Specific Alerts from the Alert Itself  
Submit Anonymous Tips About Any and All Concerns in the Community
Manage an Anonymous 2-way Conversation with Law Enforcement to Develop Intelligence and Information
Marketing Support Provided at Launch and on an Ongoing Basis  
Connect the Community to All Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  
Add Unlimited Custom Web Links for your Citizens to Access Through the app (public works, drivers services, vacation home check, utility sites, and anything else)  
Full Administrative Rights to Modify the Custom Web Links as Necessary Without Involving Staff From tip411  


Other Features

  • Web based admin dashboard – no local IT resources required
  • tip411 Admin mobile app for iPhone & Android devices
  • Marketing and promotional assistance available

Interested? Click here for a demo.

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