tip411 Provides Confidential Messaging Platforms for Domestic & Sexual Violence Services

tip411 is providing confidential 24/7 messaging platforms (text messaging, mobile apps and web forms) for Options Domestic and Sexual Violence Services. Options needed new ways to connect with survivors to provide them the critical support they need to escape domestic violence beyond making a telephone call.

Those in need of help are now able to speak with one of Options trained advocates by downloading their My Mobile Options smartphone app, by texting “HOPE” to 847411, or via their online chat powered by tip411 on their website at www.help4abuse.org.

If you’d like to learn more about how tip411 can help your organization provide alternative communication channels to domestic abuse survivors please contact us today at 1.888.952.2200 or info@tip411.com

Cinnaminson Police Home Page

Cinnaminson Police Now Have An App

Cinnaminson police? There’s an app for that. There’s also a new website for the first time in more than 15 years.

The Cinnaminson Police Department has launched a new app to help residents submit anonymous tips from their smartphone, the department announced on Wednesday. It will also allow officers to respond and create an anonymous two-way conversation.

The Cinnaminson PD App, developed by tip411, removes all identifying information before police see the tips and there is no way to identify the sender, police said.

It also helps residents find information and view alerts. It can be downloaded for free through Google Play, iTunes and through the Cinnaminson Police Department’s new website, which launches Thursday.

The new website will be found at www.cinnaminsonpolice.org. It is the first official webpage the police department has had in over 15 years, according to Cinnaminson Police Chief Richard Calabrese. Screen shots from the new website, provided for use by the police department, are attached to this post.

The app can be downloaded as of Wednesday, but all features will work effective Thursday, Calabrese said.

“Our goal is to keep our community safe for all who live, work, and visit Cinnaminson Township,” Calabrese said. “I believe the new Cinnaminson Township PD app from tip411 will help in those efforts by enhancing our ability to engage our community to help fight crime and support public safety.”

The app is completely paid for using civil forfeiture funds, police said.

“We’ve listened to feedback from partners like Cinnaminson Township Police and have built a more advanced and innovative product to help departments better engage their communities,” tip411 President Terry Halsch said. “The Cinnaminson PD app powered by tip411 will greatly improve the public’s access to agency alerts, social media channels, important information, and more to help fight crime.”

Residents in Cinnaminson Township without a smartphone can share information with police by sending an anonymous text tip via their cell phone to police by texting keyword CINNAMINSONPD and their message/tip to 847411 (tip411). Anonymous web tips can also be submitted through the department’s website.

Police also remind residents that tip411 is not meant to be used for emergencies or even in the urgent need of police assistance. Residents should always call 911 if they have an emergency.

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Safety Grant

Apply for Grant Funding to Bring tip411 to Your Community’s Schools

$10,000,000 is currently up for grabs through a grant program to increase school safety and prevent school violence through the STOP School Violence Grant Program!  Specifically mentioned in the program description is the goal to:

Develop and implement threat assessment and/or intervention teams to operate technology solutions such as anonymous reporting systems for threats of school violence, including mobile telephone applications, hotlines, and websites. These teams must coordinate with law enforcement agencies and school personnel.

tip411 School Edition is uniquely positioned to satisfy this particular requirement and more. In fact, tip411 School Edition is the solution exclusively recommended by the Onondaga County, NY School Safety Task Force to help increase school safety.

Please reach out to us immediately if you are interested in applying so that we can assist you to the best of our abilities. The application deadline is March 3rd, 2020 with an implementation date of October 1st, 2020.

Columbia Falls Montana Police Tip411

New smart phone app helps Columbia Falls PD communicate with residents

A new app on your smartphone will help Columbia Falls residents and police work closer together.

The Columbia Falls Police Department is partnering with tip411 to create a new Columbia Falls PD app.

The app will allow Columbia Falls residents to connect with police, find information and submit anonymous tips from their smartphone. Columbia Falls Police Chief Clint Peters says the apps are available for both iPhone and Android and is free and easy to download.

“If you have an apple phone or an android it doesn’t matter the app is there,” said Peters. “If you can’t find it simply just search Columbia Falls Police Department, hit search, it’s the … (first) thing that pops up, it has our badge on there easily identifiable, download it and you can see the tips and you can see how you to communicate back and forth once you gave a tip.”

Based out of Minnesota, tip411 have been in business for more than 20 years, serving 1,800 jurisdictions across the country. This includes law enforcement, schools and the United States Air Force.

Tip411 account manager Logan Buhr said the app allows residents to remain totally anonymous while providing police tips. “Have a two-way conversation with law enforcement officials while protecting their identity and provide what information they have to help make their community safer.”

Chief Peters says the department has been working to implement and train for the new app. He added the simple to use smart phone application allows younger generations easier access to communicate with law enforcement.

“This gives people an opportunity to reach out. We’re reaching out through media … already. This is just another avenue that maybe we can get that younger generation, that this is how they communicate, this is how we figure we can best reach them,” said Peters.

Anonymous web tips can also be submitted through Columbia Falls Police Departments website . Residents without a smartphone can share information with police by sending an anonymous text tip via their cell phone by texting keyword CFPD — and their tip — to 847411.

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Help Fight Crime Johnstown Police

City police add alert system app to better communicate with public

Tips to and from Johnstown Police Department are now just a click away.

Through a program developed by Minnesota-based CitizenObserver, Johnstown police are launching Tip411 – an interactive alert system “app” that enables both the police and public to alert one another about important public safety issues, police Captain Chad Miller said.

Options such as Push Out the Pusher and the department’s Facebook page have been valuable for tips, Miller said, but people are more comfortable sending a text or photo than leaving a telephone message or identifying themselves on social media.

Because Tip411’s program software doesn’t collect IP addresses, phone numbers or any other identifiers, police only receive messages – unless a tipster decides to offer that information, the company’s creators said.

“We believe an informed community is a safer community,” Miller said.

Johnstown Police serve the city, Dale Borough, Middle Taylor and West Taylor townships. Through the downloadable “app” – or an anonymous text to “tip411” (847-411) – residents can quickly and anonymously send officers tips on unsolved crimes or report drug deals and other suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Johnstown Police, meanwhile, can respond to those messages – and post their own “alerts” about incidents such as missing person cases.

It’s a system that’s found crime-solving success in communities such as Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Works elsewhere

Atlantic City Police Department launched the alert system in 2013, Atlantic City Police Sgt. Kevin Fair said.

Back then, the New Jersey department was dealing with a common trend, striving to solve a surging number of street crimes while tips from the public through 911 seemed to be dwindling, police said at the time.

By turning to a third party vendor to manage the system, an environment was developed through Tip411 “for those who want to report a crime to be able to do it without being identified,” Fair told The Tribune-Democrat on Wednesday.

Atlantic City police received 226 tips the first year the alert system was active, he added.

By 2018, the tips had grown to 4,213, Fair said.

“We’ve had people send us messages, pictures and video that have been valuable to our investigations,” he said. “And because of the way the message is collected and delivered (to the department), we don’t know who sent it,” he said.

Signing up

Cincinnati Police Department used its app to notify the public about a missing 60-year-old man with dementia on Monday. A few days earlier, police reached out to the public to help them identify suspects in a city robbery.

In Johnstown, people interested in receiving updates can download the app on both Android and iPhone devices. Links for both phones are provided at www.tip411.com/agencies/johnstownpapd/groups/22072through icons on the left hand side of the page.

People can also text the department by messaging 847-411 with the abbreviation “JPD” in front of the message.

A “tip” link has also been added to the department’s webpage, www.cityofjohnstownpa.net/police

Miller said the program is not meant to replace 911.

Incidents and emergencies such as injuries, vehicle accidents and crimes in progress should be reported directly to 911, he said.

“This isn’t always going to be a 24-7 monitored line. If something occurs that requires immediate assistance, call 911,” Miller said. “What we’re looking for (through tip411) is tips to crimes already committed.”

Johnstown Police are the first department in the region to add the tip411 system.

“We’re trying to lead the way here, when it comes to the way policing is heading in the 21st century,” Miller said.

Drug Bust

tip411 Program Leads To Drug Bust and Two Arrests

On 11/08/2019 the North Dakota Parole and Probation, Barnes County Sheriff’s Office and Valley City Police Department conducted a search of a residence in the 100 Block of 6th Street Northwest in Valley City.

A variety of narcotics, narcotic paraphernalia along with two firearms were located and seized from the residence. Two individuals were taken into custody and criminal charges are pending. This incident is currently under investigation so if you have any additional information please contact the Barnes County Sheriff’s Office.

Attention was drawn to the residence through the anonymous Barnes County Tip411 program. Sheriff McClaflin would like to thank the public for their vigilance and assistance in this and other matters.

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Wildlife Crime Tips Program Issues Nearly $4,000 in Rewards

It’s a “crime stoppers” program for outdoor sports, issuing rewards for tips related to wildlife offenses. Louisiana Operation Game Thief awarded $3,950 to tipsters across the state at its quarterly meeting on Oct. 2.

LOGT was instituted in 1984 and provides cash rewards for information leading to the arrest of violators of fish and wildlife regulations. 

Funds are raised through private donations, court directed contributions and through contributions from cooperative endeavor agreements with organizations such as the National Wild Turkey Federation and Quality Deer Management Association.

Recently, the LOGT board reviewed 12 cases that included public tips from informants.  A total of 27 subjects were apprehended and 62 offenses were written for offenses related to deer, migratory game bird, alligator, oyster and fishing cases.

Anyone wishing to report wildlife or fisheries violations — and remain anonymous — should call LDWF’s 24-hour toll free Operation Game Thief hotline at 1-800-442-2511 or utilize LDWF’s tip411 program.  To use the tip411 program, tipsters can text LADWF and their tip to 847411 or download the “LADWF Tips” iPhone and Android apps.

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Lynn Police Massachusetts

“We’re absolutely getting tips we wouldn’t have gotten without this system. It’s a great asset for our department.”

tip411 interviewed Captain Mark O’Toole of the Lynn, Massachusetts Police Department.

Q: Tell us about Lynn and your department (how many residents, how many sworn, etc.).
The City of Lynn is the ninth largest city in Massachusetts with a population of approximately 93,000 but likely another 10,000 undocumented persons. We are 10.4 square miles and have been accumulating “city problems” over the years. We’re one city away from Boston but have a lot of the same issues they do, just on a smaller level. Our department has shrunk from almost 200 sworn down to about 165. Crime is going down in terms of the index numbers, but the calls for service have not decreased. We run the gambit on all crimes including robbery, car breaks, larceny, and housebreaks.

Q: Why did you decide to bring tip411 to Lynn?
Over the years we’ve seen a mindset among the population of not wanting to get involved and not wanting to cooperate. We found tip411 to be a conduit to get information while allowing people to remain anonymous. As technology gets better, more and more people in our community communicate via text. We wanted to tap into that rather than making people pick up a phone and call. The custom app tip411 built for us is making a huge difference in getting tips as well.

Q: Anything you would tell other agencies considering tip411?
A: We’re absolutely getting tips we wouldn’t have gotten without this system. It’s a great asset for our department. It gets us into the younger, tech savvy generation. Once they send us a tip, it’s out there, and they can’t take it back.  The two-way communication is great because we can ask questions and many people respond back with more information so we can deploy our resources. Tip411 has been a huge help to our people. Unlike our anonymous phone tip line where we can’t ask that next question to get more information, we can and do with tip411. Almost everyone has a cell phone, they can take pictures and send things to you and they do, and it’s instant. If you can get them to tip you on some stuff, you can get them to tip you on bigger, more important stuff, too. tip411 has been a great investment for us in terms of gaining information and communicating with our public. If you’re not on it, you’re missing out on the opportunity for some really great information to help solve crimes.

Q: Any notable tips/arrests credited to tip411 that come to mind?
On March 21stwe got a tip about a Level 3 Sex Offender that was living in our community near an elementary school. The subject was confirmed as unregistered in our city as required, more investigation was done and charges were filed for failure to register. This is the type of thing we want to know, and we were able to take action as a result of the tip. We have a wide variety of crimes, and when our PIO sends something out to the newspapers, on Twitter, and on Facebook, we always put the tip411 information on it. We include video stills when we can, and we get a fair amount of tips that lead us to who the person or persons are.

Q: Any success working with other jurisdictions through tip411?
We received a tip not long ago about a guy wanted on a sexual assault crime. The tipster told us he was living at an address in Pensacola, Florida, and we reached out to Pensacola PD and they were able to apprehend the guy.

Q: How is tip411 administered in your department (responsibilities, protocols, etc.)?
Tips come in to the patrol division and the commanding officer is responsible for monitoring them. There are several other people in the department, including myself, who have access to the tips and can monitor them on their phone in case it’s something that needs immediate action. For example, we’ve had complaints of children possibly being neglected and it comes through and patrol has gone right out and done checks on the addresses and acted swiftly when required.

Q: What have you done to brand and promote the tip411 system in Lynn to make your residents aware of it?
We promote tip411 through our website, with community groups, and include the tip411 information on anything we’re asking for the public’s assistance on.  We have business cards with our tip411 information on them as well that we hand out to community members.We have some vice situations that I’m concerned could turn violent, so I’m working on a campaign to reach out to that at-risk community specifically with information about tip411 and how they can share information with us to protect their and others’ safety anonymously without having to identify themselves.

Q: Have you noticed an increase in the number of tips your department is receiving and cases you are solving since implementing tip411?
I just looked at the numbers and since we began partnering with tip411 in 2014, we’ve gotten over 3,000 tips. We love the feature of the two-way communication and people being allowed to include photo/video tips. The vast majority we receive are about narcotics activity, and I’ll frequently respond back to the tipster asking for more information. We do get information back that has resulted in very successful investigations. These types of successful investigations can be directly attributed to the tip411 service.

Q: What types of tips/situations have you seen tip411 be most useful for in Lynn?
A: A good thing about the texts is that they can’t take it back. Sometimes people reach out with information in the heat of the moment while they’re angry or upset, and we have that information in digital form. tip411 is definitely useful for narcotics and for vice crimes as well.

Crime Solvers Tip411

Fairfax County Crime Solvers Partners with tip411

Fairfax County Crime Solvers has partnered with tip411 to introduce a new and innovative crime-fighting tool.

Through a partnership with tip411, information can now be shared anonymously with police via a free smartphone app, text message, or a web tip form.

Fairfax County Crime Solvers encourages anyone with a smartphone to download their free Fairfax Co Crime Solvers app for iPhone/Android or to text anonymous tips to 847411 using keyword FCCS.

Residents should submit tips about crimes, drugs, bullying, threats, suspicious activity, and more to help police protect students and community members of all ages.

Issues requiring immediate public safety attention should always be reported directly police by calling 9-1-1.

More information about Fairfax County Crime Solvers can be found at www.fairfaxcrimesolvers.org

Chief John Swenson

Lino Lakes Police Now Using tip411 to Communicate with Residents

Tony Stano wanted for some time to bring the product he’s helped sell to communities around the country to the city where he lives.

“It’s kind of a passion project for me,” said Stano, who lives in Lino Lakes and is sales director for Tip411, a Twin Cities-based company that has operated a law enforcement communication platform for nearly 20 years.

“I know how important it is to every community we work with because it’s a complete community engagement tool that works to provide a safe space for residents to get involved in government where they might not otherwise feel inclined to say anything about what’s happening in their neighborhoods,” Stano said.

Lino Lakes Public Safety Department is the latest agency to sign on, and the system is now live.

“This is a platform for us to have really on-going engagement with our community,” said Public Safety Director John Swenson. “(Residents) can also provide information to us anonymously through text messaging, through the app, or through the website.”

It works seamlessly with the department’s existing social media platforms, including Facebook, which has continued to prove popular with people who live and work in Lino Lakes.

Tip411 also divides the city into four zones to streamline communication and make each zone specific to where users are most interested in knowing what’s going on.

“Simply by clicking a couple of boxes, we’re able to send that information across all of our social media platforms at one time, which is a real advantage for us,” said Swenson. “Public safety really is a partnership. We cannot possibly keep track of everything that’s going on in our community.”

“It doesn’t matter the size of the agency or community,” said Stano. “If you can send a text, download an app, or manage the internet in any capacity, you can utilize Tip411 to participate in neighborhood safety.”