Top 3 Exploratory Questions with Guidance:

Do you have a means for your agency to get crime tips from the public as well as to push out vital information? There are no direct competitors for tip411 – we have sole source documentation (Download sole source document).

If the agency does have something is it one way only or can the agency respond while protecting the tipsters anonymity? tip411 is 100% anonymous, 2-way communication. The agency receives a new tip and can respond to engage in a conversation.

How many different communication channels are available to the public to be able to interact with the agency? tip411 provides no fewer than 5 different channels for the public to get involved in crime prevention/solving.

tip411 Resources:

tip411 Pro Executive Summary to Share with Prospects

tip411 Blog Post: COVID-19 and Communicating with Your Community

tip411 OverView Video

tip411 PSA Created for Each New Customer (Example – Fairfax, VA CrimeSolvers)


tip411 Promotional Materials Examples (every customer has access to dozens of templates to use)

Request a Demo with tip411 Staff

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