We know people are scared or intimidated, this is the perfect tool to overcome that fear. tip411 is a way to encourage people to engage with us. We want to connect with everybody, but certain groups are timid

– Chief Thomas Wydra, Hamden, CT

“tip411 Mobile will greatly benefit our department’s ability to share information with residents and receive tips to improve public safety.”

– Chief Jim Howarth, Delhi, OH

“Our mission is to reduce crime and the fear of crime through outstanding police services in partnership with the community.  tip411 has been a great help to us and we believe the addition of this new app will allow us to have an even deeper crime-fighting partnership with our residents.”

– Chief Jeff Craig, Victoria, TX Police Department

“We aren’t about reinventing the wheel. Schools and police in this area talk and collaborate regularly, and tip411 has everything we wanted; the ability for students to send tips anonymously while also allowing our officers to communicate directly with students.  tip411 also promotes kids being responsible for the safety of their schools, and having them take that kind of ownership is priceless.”

– Greg Hill, Director of Safety at the McKinney, Texas Independent School District

“The non-medical use of prescription opioids has greatly contributed to the sharp increase in heroin trafficking and use. DEA and its local law enforcement and drug prevention partners are fully committed to combating this growing issue, and tip411 allows a safe and secure way for the public in our area to share important information to help us combat this issue without the fear of retribution.”

– Special Agent in Charge Doug Coleman of the Phoenix Division of the DEA

“The tip411 system is essential to modern policing.  I’ve used this system during my time as chief in Somerville, MA, Clearwater, FL, and now in St. Petersburg, and I truly believe this tool empowers officers and the community to engage in ways that were not possible before.”

– Chief Anthony Holloway,  St. Petersburg, FL Police Department

“tip411 has been an important tool for our department and community over the last several years.  Being one of the first agencies to use the new tip411 Mobile app is exciting and will no doubt greatly benefit our residents and public safety in our community.”

– Assistant Chief Todd Milburn, Brooklyn Park, MN Police Department

tip411 Executive Summary