Application tool used to connect anonymous reporting

Massena Police Department using new tool to allow anonymous reporting

A new way to anonymously report crime tips in Massena is up and running via an app called tip411.

The Massena Police Department app is available for free download via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the Massena Police Department website at

Chief Adam J. Love said one of the biggest benefits is the ability to report information anonymously. He said they realize people are sometimes afraid to call the police with information. But, by using tip411, the system removes all of the identifying information, and police receive no personal information such as name, phone number and address.

The individual app for iPhones or Android phones has a tab for alerts, where alerts will be sent by the police department. Another tab is for “My Tips,” where individuals would be able to anonymously send information to the department. There are also links to the department’s website and Facebook pages, as well as the ability to phone the department from the app.

Anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone can still send anonymous tips through a message. They would text keyword MPDTIP to 847411, add a space, type in their tip information and hit send.

In addition, they can use the Anonymous Web Tip Form from their computer by visiting

“The biggest thing is they can send anonymous tips,” Chief Love said. “We want to be able to help connect our police department with the public. This is just one powerful tool that we can use to let people reach out to us. The public is our greatest crime-fighting resource.”

For instance, he said, someone may have a concern about possible drug activity in their neighborhood, bullying, suspicious activity or crime.

“Instead of them worrying about are they going to know who I am, they can send a tip anonymously,” he said.

Chief Love said tip411 is strictly to provide anonymous reports, and isn’t mean for emergencies or urgent need of police assistance. Residents should continue to call 9-1-1- for all emergency situations and, for non-emergency, the department at 3165-769-3577.

In addition to anonymous reporting, the app allows the department to get information out to subscribers instantaneously. He said they the police department can use it for instances such as when they’re looking for information on a person or incident. They can also use it in conjunction with the Massena Volunteer Fire Department to alert subscribers to stay away from an area where a fire is in progress, or the Department of Public Works to let individuals know about a road closure for repair work.

He said information can be disseminated in a short amount of time, even from his cell phone. Alerts can be sent via an email or a text message to the individual’s phone. Chief Love said they’ll also continue to use social media site such as Facebook to pass on information.

“We want to be able to help connect our police department with the public. This is just one powerful tool that we can use that people can reach out to us. With social media, they have the right to limit how far out we go and who receives messages. With tip 411, everybody will get a message,” he said.

“I think this is going to give us a nice connection with our community that supports us so well. I think this is one way to be able to keep that positive connection. We look forward to using it and the community using it,” he said.

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Help Fight Crime Johnstown Police

City police add alert system app to better communicate with public

Tips to and from Johnstown Police Department are now just a click away.

Through a program developed by Minnesota-based CitizenObserver, Johnstown police are launching Tip411 – an interactive alert system “app” that enables both the police and public to alert one another about important public safety issues, police Captain Chad Miller said.

Options such as Push Out the Pusher and the department’s Facebook page have been valuable for tips, Miller said, but people are more comfortable sending a text or photo than leaving a telephone message or identifying themselves on social media.

Because Tip411’s program software doesn’t collect IP addresses, phone numbers or any other identifiers, police only receive messages – unless a tipster decides to offer that information, the company’s creators said.

“We believe an informed community is a safer community,” Miller said.

Johnstown Police serve the city, Dale Borough, Middle Taylor and West Taylor townships. Through the downloadable “app” – or an anonymous text to “tip411” (847-411) – residents can quickly and anonymously send officers tips on unsolved crimes or report drug deals and other suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Johnstown Police, meanwhile, can respond to those messages – and post their own “alerts” about incidents such as missing person cases.

It’s a system that’s found crime-solving success in communities such as Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Works elsewhere

Atlantic City Police Department launched the alert system in 2013, Atlantic City Police Sgt. Kevin Fair said.

Back then, the New Jersey department was dealing with a common trend, striving to solve a surging number of street crimes while tips from the public through 911 seemed to be dwindling, police said at the time.

By turning to a third party vendor to manage the system, an environment was developed through Tip411 “for those who want to report a crime to be able to do it without being identified,” Fair told The Tribune-Democrat on Wednesday.

Atlantic City police received 226 tips the first year the alert system was active, he added.

By 2018, the tips had grown to 4,213, Fair said.

“We’ve had people send us messages, pictures and video that have been valuable to our investigations,” he said. “And because of the way the message is collected and delivered (to the department), we don’t know who sent it,” he said.

Signing up

Cincinnati Police Department used its app to notify the public about a missing 60-year-old man with dementia on Monday. A few days earlier, police reached out to the public to help them identify suspects in a city robbery.

In Johnstown, people interested in receiving updates can download the app on both Android and iPhone devices. Links for both phones are provided at icons on the left hand side of the page.

People can also text the department by messaging 847-411 with the abbreviation “JPD” in front of the message.

A “tip” link has also been added to the department’s webpage,

Miller said the program is not meant to replace 911.

Incidents and emergencies such as injuries, vehicle accidents and crimes in progress should be reported directly to 911, he said.

“This isn’t always going to be a 24-7 monitored line. If something occurs that requires immediate assistance, call 911,” Miller said. “What we’re looking for (through tip411) is tips to crimes already committed.”

Johnstown Police are the first department in the region to add the tip411 system.

“We’re trying to lead the way here, when it comes to the way policing is heading in the 21st century,” Miller said.

Drug Bust

tip411 Program Leads To Drug Bust and Two Arrests

On 11/08/2019 the North Dakota Parole and Probation, Barnes County Sheriff’s Office and Valley City Police Department conducted a search of a residence in the 100 Block of 6th Street Northwest in Valley City.

A variety of narcotics, narcotic paraphernalia along with two firearms were located and seized from the residence. Two individuals were taken into custody and criminal charges are pending. This incident is currently under investigation so if you have any additional information please contact the Barnes County Sheriff’s Office.

Attention was drawn to the residence through the anonymous Barnes County Tip411 program. Sheriff McClaflin would like to thank the public for their vigilance and assistance in this and other matters.

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Panama City Police Safety App

Panama City Police Department launches ‘tip411’ alert system app

Reporting crime just got a little easier. The Panama City Police Department just launched an app called ‘tip411’ that allows the public to directly communicate with the investigators and officers at the station.

“If we have a situation to where we are actively investigating a case or we have a rash of burglaries or crimes within the area, this app gives us the ability to push out this information to the people residing in that area and for them to communicate information of stuff that they might see back to us,” said Investigative Services Lieutenant Chris Edmunson.

The app allows the investigator to communicate back and forth to the tipster, and it is all completely anonymous.

“Once the citizen sumits the tip to us, it immediately comes to us right there and the investigator assigned to that case will have the opportunity to immediately review it and then ask questions to that tipster,” Edmunson said.

This idea came from one of the police department captains and later being developed by Detective Kristian Shaw. It is an easy process.

“This allows them to a little bit of anonimity to come forward and to provide us with this information to follow up on some of these cases we’re working,” Edmunson said.

While living in a tech-savvy world, the department feels that this app will enhance the community’s safety.

“This is how people communicate nowadays,” Edmunson said. “They communicate through phones, through texts and through apps just like this, so I think it is going to enhance that communication between us and the citizens.”

The app is up and running and free in the Apple Store and Android Store. If you do not have a smartphone, you can still submit a tip on the city of Panama City’s website.

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Abbeville Police New Anonymous Tip App

Abbeville Police Department rolls out new app to help fight crime

The Abbeville Police Department has rolled out a new app to aid in fighting crime.

According to the department, the app, Tip 411, will help residents connect with police to find information, view alerts, and submit anonymous tips from their smartphones and devices.

“Only together, can we keep Abbeville safe,” said Chief William Spearman of the Abbeville Police Department. “Working together, we are more likely to make lasting improvements in the safety of our community, I believe the new Abbeville PD app from tip411 will help better connect our department to our residents.”

The new app, according to officials will enable the public to share an anonymous tip with police and let officers respond back to create an anonymous two-way conversation. Residents without a smartphone can share information with police by sending an anonymous text tip via their cell phone to police by texting keyword APDTIPS and their message/tip to 847411 (tip411).

The Abbeville PD app is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, by visiting the Abbeville Police Department website at, or the official Abbeville PD Facebook page .

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