Arlington Launches New Safety Alert, Tip System

The town has launched a new app that allows residents to connect with the Arlington Police Department to find information, view alerts and submit anonymous tips from their smartphone.

The Arlington Police Department app and tip411 anonymous text-a-tip system are 100 percent anonymous, as the technology removes all identifying information before police see the tips and there is no way to identify the sender. This allows the public to share an anonymous tip with police and lets officers respond back to create an anonymous two-way conversation.

“I believe that a police department is only as strong and successful as the community it serves,” Chief Juliann Flaherty said in a statement. “That’s why our new Arlington PD app from tip411 will help greatly enhance our ability to engage our community to help fight crime. Other police departments are successfully using this program, such as the Lynn Police Department.”

The program was started and is solely monitored by the police department. The texts go straight to Arlington detectives.

Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said the district will work to promote tip411 among students, staff, parents and guardians in the community.

“This will be another great tool we have to keep our students and community safe,” Bodie said in a statement. “We look forward to partnering with Arlington Police to promote and educate students and their families about how to use the app.”

Developed by tip411, the Arlington Police Department app is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the Arlington Police Department website at

Those without a smartphone will still be able to share information with police by sending an anonymous text tip via their cell phone to police by texting keyword ARLINGTONPD and their message/tip to 847411 (tip411). Anonymous web tips can also be submitted through the department’s website at

Tip411 should not be used if you or someone else is in imminent danger. Please call 911 in the event of an emergency.

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Framingham Police Cruiser

Framingham Police Launch Anonymous Tip Line Via Tip411 App

The Framingham Police Department is increasing its crime-fighting arsenal with a new app to help residents connect with the

department to find information, view alerts, and submit anonymous tips from their smartphone.

Developed by tip411, the Framingham PD app puts a powerful new crime-fighting tool into the hands of community members of all ages. The Framingham PD app is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the Framingham Police Department website at

“The Framingham Police Department is charged with protecting and serving those who live, work, and travel in Framingham.,” said Chief Steven Trask of the Framingham Police Department. “Working together with our residents can have the greatest impact on safety, and I believe the new Framingham PD app from tip411 will help make it easier for residents to share information to help protect their community.”

The new Framingham PD app enables the public to share an anonymous tip with police and lets officers respond back to create an anonymous two-way conversation.

“We’ve listened to feedback from partners like Framingham Police and have built a more advanced and innovative product to help departments better engage their communities,” said tip411 President Terry Halsch. “The Framingham PD app, powered by tip411, will greatly improve the public’s access to agency alerts, social media channels, important information, and more to help fight crime.”

The Framingham PD app and tip411 anonymous text a tip system are 100% anonymous, as the technology removes all identifying information before police see the tips and there is no way to identify the sender.

Residents in Framingham without a smartphone can share information with police by sending an anonymous text tip via their cell phone to police by texting keyword FPDTIPS and their message/tip to 847411 (tip411). Anonymous web tips can also be submitted through the department’s website at

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Massena Police Department using new tool to allow anonymous reporting

A new way to anonymously report crime tips in Massena is up and running via an app called tip411.

The Massena Police Department app is available for free download via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the Massena Police Department website at

Chief Adam J. Love said one of the biggest benefits is the ability to report information anonymously. He said they realize people are sometimes afraid to call the police with information. But, by using tip411, the system removes all of the identifying information, and police receive no personal information such as name, phone number and address.

The individual app for iPhones or Android phones has a tab for alerts, where alerts will be sent by the police department. Another tab is for “My Tips,” where individuals would be able to anonymously send information to the department. There are also links to the department’s website and Facebook pages, as well as the ability to phone the department from the app.

Anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone can still send anonymous tips through a message. They would text keyword MPDTIP to 847411, add a space, type in their tip information and hit send.

In addition, they can use the Anonymous Web Tip Form from their computer by visiting

“The biggest thing is they can send anonymous tips,” Chief Love said. “We want to be able to help connect our police department with the public. This is just one powerful tool that we can use to let people reach out to us. The public is our greatest crime-fighting resource.”

For instance, he said, someone may have a concern about possible drug activity in their neighborhood, bullying, suspicious activity or crime.

“Instead of them worrying about are they going to know who I am, they can send a tip anonymously,” he said.

Chief Love said tip411 is strictly to provide anonymous reports, and isn’t mean for emergencies or urgent need of police assistance. Residents should continue to call 9-1-1- for all emergency situations and, for non-emergency, the department at 3165-769-3577.

In addition to anonymous reporting, the app allows the department to get information out to subscribers instantaneously. He said they the police department can use it for instances such as when they’re looking for information on a person or incident. They can also use it in conjunction with the Massena Volunteer Fire Department to alert subscribers to stay away from an area where a fire is in progress, or the Department of Public Works to let individuals know about a road closure for repair work.

He said information can be disseminated in a short amount of time, even from his cell phone. Alerts can be sent via an email or a text message to the individual’s phone. Chief Love said they’ll also continue to use social media site such as Facebook to pass on information.

“We want to be able to help connect our police department with the public. This is just one powerful tool that we can use that people can reach out to us. With social media, they have the right to limit how far out we go and who receives messages. With tip 411, everybody will get a message,” he said.

“I think this is going to give us a nice connection with our community that supports us so well. I think this is one way to be able to keep that positive connection. We look forward to using it and the community using it,” he said.

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KY Fish and Wildlife App Fighting Crime Tip411

New app helping Kentucky conservation officers fight crimes

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is using a new tool to fight crimes.

Nearly two weeks ago the department launched a new smartphone app where people can submit tips anonymously.

“Up to this point we’ve received about 100 tips and about 1,000 downloads of the app,” said Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Chief Communications Officer Kevin Kelly.

When you open the app and select the “new tip” option, you can then write in a subject line, description and fill in the location. You can even take a photo or video to send in showing conservation officers what you’re seeing.

“We’ve received complaints about trespassing, we’ve also received tips about hunters taking more than one buck, so we have a one buck rule here in Kentucky. And then also harvesting deer from roadways which is not allowed,” said Kelly.

Modern gun deer hunting season just began in Kentucky, and officials also want to remind people that it’s illegal to bring deer or elk carcasses across state lines. The reason behind that rule is to prevent the spread of disease.

If you see someone driving carcasses into Kentucky from out-of-state, you can report that through the app too.

LEX 18 talked with a local hunter who said it sometimes can be hard to get in touch with a conservation officer or game warden, and he thinks this is a big step in the right direction.

“Say if someone’s doing something wrong you could just be like ‘hey you might want to come check this out.’ I just think it’d be a great idea,” said Colby Brown from Rockcastle County.

The KFWLaw app is available for download in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

The app is free, and once you have it open, select “new tip” on the app home screen to send in information.

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Announcing Tip411 in Hancock County

Mobile app allows anonymous tips of illegal substance use

Police departments across the state are battling staffing shortages, which has led many departments to find new and creative ways of getting information about illegal activity. 

In Hancock County, it’s becoming easier than ever to report crimes and now, you can report crimes without even dialing 911.

“Many people with their busy lives don’t want to take the time to provide information, or sometimes, they just don’t want to be known,” said Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Patrick Kane.

Now, residents of Hancock County have a new way of reporting crimes, particularly underage and illegal substance use, and they can all be made anonymously.

It’s part of the program TIP 411. Tips can be sent through a mobile app called HancockCO Sheriff that is available on the app store and google play. It can also be submitted online through the department’s Facebook page, or by sending a text to the number 847-411, with the keyword HCSO to start the message.

The main goal of this app is to prevent underage and illegal substance use. The program has been developed in partnership with Healthy Acadia, who shared a similar mission.

“Something in the community can do to reduce access to substance use,” said Healthy Acadia Community Health Director Maria Donahue.

The non-profit Healthy Acadia works to create healthier communities across Hancock and Washington Counties. The group received funding for tip 411 through Maine Prevention Services. 

“The earlier that youth start using substances like alcohol and other drugs, the more likely they are to develop problems later in life,” said Donahue.

For Chief Deputy Kane, this new tool is the way of the future. 

“I think that this is just the tip of the iceberg with technology such as it is,” said Kane. “This is going to work not only here, but I think you’ll see this grow in Maine and nationally,” he added.

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Lynn Police Massachusetts

“We’re absolutely getting tips we wouldn’t have gotten without this system. It’s a great asset for our department.”

tip411 interviewed Captain Mark O’Toole of the Lynn, Massachusetts Police Department.

Q: Tell us about Lynn and your department (how many residents, how many sworn, etc.).
The City of Lynn is the ninth largest city in Massachusetts with a population of approximately 93,000 but likely another 10,000 undocumented persons. We are 10.4 square miles and have been accumulating “city problems” over the years. We’re one city away from Boston but have a lot of the same issues they do, just on a smaller level. Our department has shrunk from almost 200 sworn down to about 165. Crime is going down in terms of the index numbers, but the calls for service have not decreased. We run the gambit on all crimes including robbery, car breaks, larceny, and housebreaks.

Q: Why did you decide to bring tip411 to Lynn?
Over the years we’ve seen a mindset among the population of not wanting to get involved and not wanting to cooperate. We found tip411 to be a conduit to get information while allowing people to remain anonymous. As technology gets better, more and more people in our community communicate via text. We wanted to tap into that rather than making people pick up a phone and call. The custom app tip411 built for us is making a huge difference in getting tips as well.

Q: Anything you would tell other agencies considering tip411?
A: We’re absolutely getting tips we wouldn’t have gotten without this system. It’s a great asset for our department. It gets us into the younger, tech savvy generation. Once they send us a tip, it’s out there, and they can’t take it back.  The two-way communication is great because we can ask questions and many people respond back with more information so we can deploy our resources. Tip411 has been a huge help to our people. Unlike our anonymous phone tip line where we can’t ask that next question to get more information, we can and do with tip411. Almost everyone has a cell phone, they can take pictures and send things to you and they do, and it’s instant. If you can get them to tip you on some stuff, you can get them to tip you on bigger, more important stuff, too. tip411 has been a great investment for us in terms of gaining information and communicating with our public. If you’re not on it, you’re missing out on the opportunity for some really great information to help solve crimes.

Q: Any notable tips/arrests credited to tip411 that come to mind?
On March 21stwe got a tip about a Level 3 Sex Offender that was living in our community near an elementary school. The subject was confirmed as unregistered in our city as required, more investigation was done and charges were filed for failure to register. This is the type of thing we want to know, and we were able to take action as a result of the tip. We have a wide variety of crimes, and when our PIO sends something out to the newspapers, on Twitter, and on Facebook, we always put the tip411 information on it. We include video stills when we can, and we get a fair amount of tips that lead us to who the person or persons are.

Q: Any success working with other jurisdictions through tip411?
We received a tip not long ago about a guy wanted on a sexual assault crime. The tipster told us he was living at an address in Pensacola, Florida, and we reached out to Pensacola PD and they were able to apprehend the guy.

Q: How is tip411 administered in your department (responsibilities, protocols, etc.)?
Tips come in to the patrol division and the commanding officer is responsible for monitoring them. There are several other people in the department, including myself, who have access to the tips and can monitor them on their phone in case it’s something that needs immediate action. For example, we’ve had complaints of children possibly being neglected and it comes through and patrol has gone right out and done checks on the addresses and acted swiftly when required.

Q: What have you done to brand and promote the tip411 system in Lynn to make your residents aware of it?
We promote tip411 through our website, with community groups, and include the tip411 information on anything we’re asking for the public’s assistance on.  We have business cards with our tip411 information on them as well that we hand out to community members.We have some vice situations that I’m concerned could turn violent, so I’m working on a campaign to reach out to that at-risk community specifically with information about tip411 and how they can share information with us to protect their and others’ safety anonymously without having to identify themselves.

Q: Have you noticed an increase in the number of tips your department is receiving and cases you are solving since implementing tip411?
I just looked at the numbers and since we began partnering with tip411 in 2014, we’ve gotten over 3,000 tips. We love the feature of the two-way communication and people being allowed to include photo/video tips. The vast majority we receive are about narcotics activity, and I’ll frequently respond back to the tipster asking for more information. We do get information back that has resulted in very successful investigations. These types of successful investigations can be directly attributed to the tip411 service.

Q: What types of tips/situations have you seen tip411 be most useful for in Lynn?
A: A good thing about the texts is that they can’t take it back. Sometimes people reach out with information in the heat of the moment while they’re angry or upset, and we have that information in digital form. tip411 is definitely useful for narcotics and for vice crimes as well.

Chief John Swenson

Lino Lakes Police Now Using tip411 to Communicate with Residents

Tony Stano wanted for some time to bring the product he’s helped sell to communities around the country to the city where he lives.

“It’s kind of a passion project for me,” said Stano, who lives in Lino Lakes and is sales director for Tip411, a Twin Cities-based company that has operated a law enforcement communication platform for nearly 20 years.

“I know how important it is to every community we work with because it’s a complete community engagement tool that works to provide a safe space for residents to get involved in government where they might not otherwise feel inclined to say anything about what’s happening in their neighborhoods,” Stano said.

Lino Lakes Public Safety Department is the latest agency to sign on, and the system is now live.

“This is a platform for us to have really on-going engagement with our community,” said Public Safety Director John Swenson. “(Residents) can also provide information to us anonymously through text messaging, through the app, or through the website.”

It works seamlessly with the department’s existing social media platforms, including Facebook, which has continued to prove popular with people who live and work in Lino Lakes.

Tip411 also divides the city into four zones to streamline communication and make each zone specific to where users are most interested in knowing what’s going on.

“Simply by clicking a couple of boxes, we’re able to send that information across all of our social media platforms at one time, which is a real advantage for us,” said Swenson. “Public safety really is a partnership. We cannot possibly keep track of everything that’s going on in our community.”

“It doesn’t matter the size of the agency or community,” said Stano. “If you can send a text, download an app, or manage the internet in any capacity, you can utilize Tip411 to participate in neighborhood safety.”

Ascension Parish Sheriff Cruiser

“If you use it correctly…it will work for your agency and community.”

tip411 interviewed Public Information Officer Allison Hudson of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana.

Q: How has the tip411 system aided your agency?
A: It’s been a great tool for residents to have another way to submit tips and our’s is used a lot. With tip411, if they want to reach us anonymously, they can. We’ve done several programs through tip411, like a few years ago when we were having a string of pharmacy break-ins, we met with them and signed them up on tip411 to share information. Another way is we’ve used tip411 in our school system for bullying.

Q: Any notable tips/arrests credited to tip411 that come to mind?
A: We had a homicide in 2014 that was a 16 year old kid who went missing and we received a tip from someone who noticed some similarities with a known person. Long story short he provided information to help us solve the crime and he and others were arrested in conjunction with the homicide.

Q: Tell us about your community, agency, and how you heard about tip411?
A: We have about 120,000 people in the parish, with 350 employees at the Sheriff’s Office.We heard about tip411, did a free demo, and we signed up from there.

Q: How is tip411 administered in your department (responsibilities, protocols, etc.)?
A:  I monitor all of the tips and the 24/7 dispatch center monitors them outside of normal business hours. All of our lieutenants and captains have access to these tips as well. If we’re working a homicide, a detective will be assigned to checking those tips real-time. Every division head has access and are responsible for checking and responding to tips and they send me an email to let me know if a tip can be closed out or not. I keep a list of how many cases are solved based on tips that are received. We also have a School Security Division and the lieutenant checks those tips and will send it to the officers stationed in schools if tips pertain to their school.

Q: What have you done to brand and promote the tip411 system in your community to make your residents aware of it?
A: Related to use in schools for bullying, we made it so every computer’s first screen when students login is about reporting a tip using tip411. It has the number and instructions on how to do it. We’ve also done billboards, advertising in the newspaper, digital ads, etc. for people to submit a tip. We also use and have success with CrimeStoppers and we have a card we give out to residents at community police events, during violent crimes, or anything that we might be looking for related to crime in neighborhoods, and one side has the tip411 information and the other side has CrimeStoppers. It definitely has worked. We also share information on our social media channels and in every press release I send out about a crime, I put information about how to submit tips through tip411.

Q: Have you noticed an increase in the number of tips your agency is receiving and cases you are solving since implementing tip411?
A: We get two types of tips – narcotics tips and bullying tips. Narcotics tips are pretty steady, but when I put out warrant alerts in the newspaper, we see a jump. I see about a 98% rate for tips when I put out information about Narcotics warrants. Bullying tips pickup at the beginning of school, over breaks, and at the end of the year.

Q: Can you tell me more about your success with tip411 in schools?
A: We’ve had several tips where students share information about threats and our crisis response team goes to the schools and arrests are made. We get screenshots of Snapchats, Instagram messages/posts, things we would never find without tip411. School administrators and staff see it as useful and teachers have used tip411 to share information as well. We talk to the student body about how to use it at assemblies, what it’s used for, not to use it incorrectly and what the consequences are. We have cards specifically made for students to explain to them, in a simple way, how to use tip411.

Q: Any advice for other agencies considering tip411?
A: I think it’s a good tool to use. We found that people really do just want to submit information and remain anonymous. If you use it correctly – if you go through the webinars, and the trainings, and actually get officers and businesses involved, get residents signed up – it will work for your agency and community.

Dartmouth Police Cruiser

Dartmouth Police Launch App for Reporting Crime, Safety Alerts

A new alert system to to help enhance public safety communications in town is being launched by the Dartmouth Police Department, Chief Brian Levesque announced Monday.

Tip411 is an interactive way to keep the community connected and informed through email, text message and online public safety alerts. The new system for Dartmouth residents will also allow the public to report crimes and other suspicious activity directly to police by sending anonymous text messages or submitting tips online or through the Dartmouth Police Department app.

“This new system enables members of the public to communicate directly with the department through anonymous tips. It also allows us to send alerts directly to your cell phone or email address,” Chief Levesque said. “We encourage all of our residents to sign up. But I would also like to note that this is not a substitute for calling 911 during an emergency and the tip system is not monitored 24/7.”

Residents can register to receive alerts from Dartmouth Police via email and/or text message by signing up online or downloading the Dartmouth PD app. Developed by tip411, the Dartmouth PD app enables the public to share anonymous tips with police and lets officers respond. Residents can download the app for free for iPhones and Androids.

The public can also share information on crimes or other suspicious activity by sending a text message to 847411 (tip411) and in the body of the text type DartmouthPD and the message they would like to send. Those who prefer a web-based option can share information with police by using the tip411 web form on the Dartmouth Police website.

Dartmouth Police would like to remind the community that this new system should never be used in the event of an emergency, and that residents should always dial 911 if they need immediate assistance.