"…Even one case solved because of a tip received via tip411 is a benefit since that case would not have been solved without it.”

Engage your community & enhance public safety with tip411.

Mobilized Community Engagement. Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

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tip411 provides a web-based toolset that allows your agency and the public to interact with each other like never before, across multiple channels, in real time, at an affordable cost.

tip411 provides:

  • Custom, agency branded, free to download, iPhone and Android apps for law enforcement. Build trust and provide transparency to community members of all ages and ethnic backgrounds with tip411.
  • 2-way anonymous tips submitted by the public through text via a custom keyword, over email, weblinks and through your social media sites.
  • Community alerts can be sent to your custom apps, the public’s email and/or text and to your social media sites as well.


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Rockland Crime Analysis Center


tip411’s Value Increases as Residents Need to Communicate Safely with Law Enforcement During COVID-19 

“This actually makes social distancing, and all the things the governor and the president have been talking about for the last several months… it makes tip411 more viable for the citizenry.” – Sgt. Earl Lorence, Director of the Rockland Crime Analysis Center.