Campus security app launched at Point Park University

PPUPoliceTipsApp_onlineWith the start of the 2017 school year, the Point Park Police Department in Pennsylvania is implementing an anonymous tip app to create a safer campus environment.

“I wanted to add another feature for faculty, staff and especially students,” Chief of Police Jeffrey Besong said. “I think it helps the students who don’t feel comfortable calling the police or getting involved.”

The “Point Park PD” app is designed to involve community in the crime solving process of the campus department. The app gives students the option to remain completely anonymous while filling out a tip. Students are given the option to include their name with the submitted tip.

“We are using the app in real time with our 24-hour dispatch, Besong said. Anytime a student submits a tip it goes to our dispatch, my cell phone, email and to other department supervisors.”

The app is developed by tip411, a system used across the country to include citizens in the law enforcement process. Point Park is the first Pittsburgh school to use the system as well as to launch a tip based security app.

“The tip411 system has been successful in communities across the U.S.,” Terry Halsch, president of tip411 in a press release from the department, said. “We are excited to partner with Point Park as one of the first universities to use the new school edition of our innovative tip411 app to directly connect and engage students, faculty and staff.”

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