What Made for a Successful Launch in Onondaga County, NY?

To announce tip411’s arrival at 20 agencies in the Syracuse area, District Attorney William Fitzpatrick did three important things:

  1. Held a press conference and invited chiefs from local departments to attend to show their support for the system and promote its use to local media outlets.
  2. Produced posters and flyers showing agency-specific tip411 keywords that participating agencies could hand out, give to business, hang in city buildings, and use on their social media sites and webpages.
  3. Participated in ongoing promotion – Aside from the initial press conference, the DA and Syracuse Police Chief gave one-on-one interviews to media outlets in the days following the launch to assure continued coverage of the new system in order to reach more members of the public.

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Video – District Attorney Fitzpatrick discusses tip411 outreach
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Outreach planned for Tip411

Onondaga County’s District Attorney is planning a major outreach to get more residents to use Tip 411, to help area law enforcers.

The anonymous tip ‘line’ (actually a phone app) is set up for use by 20 law enforcement agencies in Onondaga County.

D A Bill Fitzpatrick says that in the next month, there will be outreach to every house of worship and school to pass on information on how to get involved.

The easiest way to access the app, according to Fitzpatrick, is to search ‘Onondaga’ in your app store. When Tip411 is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to select ‘your’ agency.

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Westchester County Launches tip411 Anonymous Tip Program

Westchester County, New York law enforcement recently launched the anonymous tip411 program that will allow anyone with a smartphone, tablet, standard cell phone or computer to share a tip with their local police department.

The Yonkers Police Department has been successfully using the system for the last four years and now, with the help of the Westchester County District Attorney, 37 departments in the county will be participating in the DA’s tip411 program.

“This program puts a powerful new crime fighting tool into the hands of our community. Law enforcement must continue to be forward thinking, and embracing the way many people communicate today, adds to the way that everyone, especially the younger age demographic, can contact police. The system allows citizens to report on a crime without having to say a word, providing an unprecedented anywhere, anytime, silent and anonymous approach to crime reporting,” said District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

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