tip411 INSIGHT
Customizable Citizen Survey​


  • Multiple survey question types, including: text fields, check box/multiple choice, range scale, and more
  • Create unlimited questions for your survey
  • Use drag and drop to change order of your questions
  • Response data collected and displayed in real time
  • Survey form includes ReCAPTCHA to prevent spam


Use tip411 INSIGHT to get your resident’s opinions and feedback on topics like:

  • Public Perception of your department 
  • Effectiveness of your department
  • Feedback on interactions with your officers (Police-Public Contact Survey)
  • Any other topic or issue your community/ department is currently facing

Measure satisfaction of your citizens and increase your community engagement.


It is vital for law enforcement to seek out constructive community outreach programs that provide opportunities for members of the community and the police department to come together. Use tip411 INSIGHT to accomplish that.


“tip411 INSIGHT is really intuitive to use - just like the rest of tip411’s suite of functionality - and so much easier than other survey tools I’ve tried. I love that I can now use this tip411 INSIGHT capability to conduct surveys as I believe it’s paramount that police department's reach out directly to their communities for feedback.”
Delhi Township badge
Chief of Police Jim Howarth
Delhi Township, OH