Domestic Abuse

Engage victims of domestic and sexual violence, dating violence and human trafficking with tip411.

tip411 enables victims and survivors of abuse to contact your organization’s victim advocates, who can then respond in real time from any internet connected device, creating a two way anonymous chat.

For people who are experiencing domestic violence, mandatory lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19 have trapped them in their homes with their abusers, isolated from the people and the resources that could help them.

Victims have little physical distance from their abusers and find texting is safer than calling.

While the national domestic violence hotline has been providing online live chat and text messaging for more than a decade, local hotlines often only have the capacity to take calls, tip411 can change the way survivors communicate with organizations to seek help.

How it works:

Victims can reach out anonymously via:
• iPhone/Android mobile apps (custom branded for your organization)
• Text message
• Web form (posted on organization website and/or Facebook page)
Manage communication with admin dashboard
Send a reply to victim (two-way chat)
Email and/text message notification of new activity
Create/manage admin users for your organization
Other Features
Web based admin dashboard – no local IT resources required. Marketing and promotional assistance available