All of tip411’s solutions are web-based and purchased on a subscription basis. That means no implementation, support or maintenance is required of your personnel. It also means you can start to benefit almost immediately because the services can be made available to you within 24-48 hours.

tip411 Select gives you access to all of the great functionality of tip411 Pro and also allows the user to select the language they’d prefer to use to interface with the tip411 Mobile App. This innovate capability allows you to create a customized, branded app for Android/iPhone that allows residents to send anonymous tips, access agency alerts, social media channels, important information, and more in the language that they are most comfortable communicating in.

With tip411 Select you will be able to reach specific groups within your community that might otherwise be hesitant to interact with law enforcement.

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Looking for the ability to create a custom, branded, smartphone app for your agency? Learn about tip411 Pro.

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