Give students a voice and focus on issues like:

  • Weapons in school
  • Bullying
  • Drugs
  • Gang activity
  • Potential outside threats

How it works:

Tips are submitted anonymously via:

  • iPhone/Android mobile apps (custom branded for your district)
  • Text message
  • Web form (posted on district website and/or Facebook page)


Manage tips using tip411 Admin Dashboard:

  • Send a reply to tipster (two-way chat)
  • Email and/text message notification of new tip activity
  • Create/manage admin users for your school

Other Features

  • Web based admin dashboard – no local IT resources required
  • Marketing and promotional assistance available


Related Content

  • Email from Onondaga County District Attorney William J. Fitzpatrick to other NY DA’s about tip411

After the Parkland shooting in February, I formed a task force to come up with some evidence based prevention ideas to recommend to local school officials.  The membership was composed of school administrators, teachers, students, law enforcement, mental health professionals, the 911 center, first responders and parents.  I was very pleased with the result and I enclose a copy of the final report.

One matter that I wanted to bring to your attention was the tip411 system.  This is an app that anyone can download to their smartphone and anonymously report criminal conduct to law enforcement.  Police, in turn, can communicate with the tipster in real time and even include transmitting video.  The system works incredibly well here in Onondaga and I believe Tony Scarpino is equally satisfied in Westchester.  The company has developed a special tip411 app designed specifically for schools.  The presentation was so effective that almost all my schools are going to adapt the program (you can read about it on page 9 of the report).

If you are interested in utilizing this in your county, I urge you to contact Tony Stano at


Best regards,

Michele Robbins
Executive Assistant to DA William J. Fitzpatrick
Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office
505 South State Street, Fourth Floor
Syracuse, New York 13202
Phone: (315) 435-3916 x-4348
Fax: (315) 435-3912