new tip411 app Hamden Police

New ‘tip411’ app to let the public help Hamden police anonymously

A new smartphone app will let town residents be part of the police force, allowing allow anyone who downloads it to send anonymous tips and get alerts about crime in the community.

The Legislative Council this week approved funds for the police department to purchase the app.

“We know people are scared or intimidated,” Police Chief Thomas Wydra said. “This is the perfect tool to overcome that fear. It’s a way to encourage people to engage with us.”

The app, called tip411, lets a user submit crime tips anonymously, which alleviates a fear some have of getting involved with police. A user also can include photos or video.

Another feature allows the department to send out alerts to the community about crimes in the area. The alerts can be categorized by type of crime and can be directed at particular communities and neighborhoods. Through the app, a person with information can also add a tip to a specific alert.

“We want to connect with everybody, but certain groups are timid,” Wydra said. He said he is thinking specifically about schoolchildren and people with questionable immigration status who may have a heightened fear of interacting with police. “The app reaches them,” he said.

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Delhi Township

Interview with Delhi Township: Part III

tip411 interviewed Chief Jim Howarth of the Delhi Township Police Department in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the third and final part of our conversation.


Q: What have you done to promote your tip411 system to make sure residents know about it and use it?
We make sure our tip411 information is always posted on all of our social media sites, with links to sign up for alerts and submit tips.

In the beginning, we had business cards made up with tip411 information and officers would hand those out. Officers had them in their car and when they had an interaction with a resident, they’d hand them a card and introduce them to the tip411 program, tell them its free to use to send tips and to sign up for alerts. We still have cards but it was imperative in the beginning.

We really saw a jump with residents buying in to our tip411 efforts when local media starting putting the information on the news. That was as easy as sending out a press release and what’s nice now is they all buy-in to signing up for tip411 and, if they don’t, they know it’s pushed out through Facebook so local reporters are getting our alerts in real-time. They’ll call me right away saying they want to do a story, or sometimes now they won’t even contact me and I’ll see the alert on the news with the surveillance photos we put out. It’s great and helps us reach more residents.

Q: Any advice for other departments considering tip411?
Don’t hesitate. My biggest regret is waiting two years before I pulled the trigger to purchase tip411. I felt comfortable coming on board and the rest has been icing on the cake. Now I realize it is what I thought it was.

Any time it can help another agency and talk to them about tip411, I do. It’s not like I’m trying to sell it to them, but when I find a good product for a reasonable amount that helps me do my job better, I like to share that.

My advice is for other departments just to take a look at tip411 because once they do, the product sells itself.

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Sheriff’s department’s new app lets residents submit anonymous tips

The Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department is expanding its “crime-fighting arsenal” with a mobile phone app that lets people send anonymous tips, according to a press release.

The “GFSO tip411 mobile app” can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store, iTunes App Store or by visiting the Sheriff’s Office website.

The app removes all identifying information before law enforcement sees the tips. “There is no way to identify the sender,” according to the release.

“In our effort to provide the highest quality service to the community, we wish to keep the public informed and involved,” Sheriff Bob Rost said. “We believe the addition of this new app from tip411 will allow us to do just that while forming a deeper crime-fighting partnership with residents.”

Those without a smartphone can still submit tips through the department’s website or by texting them to 847411.

Story from the Grand Forks Herald

Announcing the New tip411 Mobile

tip411, a web-based toolset that helps law enforcement engage community members of all ages, has announced the introduction of its tip411 Mobile app as part of its new tip411 Pro subscription option for customers.

“We’ve listened to feedback from departments across the US and have built a more advanced, more innovative product to help police better engage their communities,” said tip411 President Terry Halsch. “With tip411 Mobile, departments can now customize the experience for their residents, share important information, and help the public join in the crime-fighting effort by easily submitting anonymous tips.”

Used in over 1,400 communities throughout the U.S., tip411 enables anyone with a cell phone to text anonymous tips to authorized personnel within an agency. Tips sent by the public are received in real-time and can be responded to in seconds via an interface that allows for secure web and text-based conversations.

Smartphone users can also download free apps to submit tips from their iPhone or Android, and now, with tip411 Pro, departments can create a custom, branded tip411 Mobile app for their agency.

“tip411 has been an important tool for our department and community over the last two years,” said Assistant Chief Todd Milburn of the Brooklyn Park, MN Police Department. “Being one of the first agencies to use the new tip411 Mobile app is exciting and will no doubt greatly benefit our residents and public safety in our community.”

Released in 2014, tip411 Version 7.0 was an internal update for departments that helped streamline anonymous tip delegation and escalation, community alert creation, publication, and social media connections, and provided a user-friendly administrative dashboard with enhanced reporting features to view key agency metrics.

Building off the success of the new version, tip411 Mobile significantly improves the public’s access to their police department by allowing residents to not only submit tips, but access agency alerts, social media channels, important information, and more to help fight crime from the palm of their hand.

“The tip411 system is essential to modern policing,” said Chief Anthony Holloway of the St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department. “I’ve used this system during my time as chief in Somerville, MA, Clearwater, FL, and now in St. Petersburg, and I truly believe this tool empowers officers and the community to engage in ways that were not possible before.”

Departments looking to improve their connection with the community now have more flexibility with three subscription levels: tip411 Basic, tip411 Bundle, and the new tip411 Pro which features the tip411 Mobile app.

To learn more about tip411 and how it’s helping agencies engage and interact with the public, visit, watch this short video, and visit tip411 at Booth 3619 during this week’s IACP Conference in Chicago.