Fort Myers Police

tip411: You can send tips to Fort Myers Police via app or text

The Fort Myers Police Department launched a new way for people to report non-emergency crimes directly to officers anonymously.


The feature, called “Tip411” is part of the department’s revamped website, and comes in the form of an app.

The feature removes all identifying information from the tipster after a tip is submitted to ensure anonymity.

Police said that the feature is not meant to replace an emergency call to 911, but instead will guarantee 100 percent anonymity to anyone wishing to report a crime, danger, or suspicious activity.

Those without a smartphone can still access the feature by sending a tip via text. By texting the keyword, “FMPD” to 847411.

For smartphone users, the app is available for free in the Google Play Store, iTunes app store, or by visiting the Fort Myers Police Department’s website.

Ramsey anonymous texting tip service

Ramsey police introduce anonymous texting tip service

The borough police department has launched an anonymous texting line for people to report crimes, authorities announced Wednesday.

People will now be able to text 847411 (tip411) and send anonymous tips about crime or suspicious activity, authorities said.

More than 1,200 communities in the United States use tip411, which allows police officers to receive real-time information, Ramsey police said.

“We believe the public is our greatest law enforcement resource,” Chief Brian Gurney said. “Tip411 allows a safe and secure way for community members to share important information with police without the fear of retribution.”

The service also “removes all identifying information before police see it and there is no way to identify the sender,” authorities said.

Gurney said that the service could also be used for people to report possible overdoses.

“Due to the opiate overdose epidemic, we are hoping that the Tip411 system will offer an alternative for people who may know of others that may need help with their opioid addiction,” he said. “We are also offering an alternative for young people, who do not want to formally contact police with regard to their friends that may be experiencing drug addiction and other issues.”

Gurney said anyone with questions can get more information by calling 201-327-2400.

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The Victoria Police Department Launches tip411 Alerts

The Victoria Police Department is launching tip411 public safety alerts from Citizen Observer which is a new way to keep the community connected and informed through email, text message, and online public safety alerts.

“We believe an informed community is a safer community,” said Chief Jeff Craig.  The new tip411 system will allow our department to communicate directly with members of the public who are interested in receiving information about crime and public safety issues in the City of Victoria.

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Anonymous tip leads to Cheektowaga drug arrests

An anonymous tip prompted an undercover investigation on Poinciana Parkway in Cheektowaga and led to the arrests of three men and a woman on marijuana charges last week, Assistant Police Chief Jim Speyer said Friday.

Speyer credited a “concerned neighbor”who used the town’s TIP411 text system with alerting the department to the drug activity. Detectives then began monitoring a home on the street.

On Sept. 24, detectives stopped a car as it backed out of the driveway. They noticed a smell of burning marijuana and arrested three men and a woman, ages 17 to 20. Speyer did not identify the four suspects but said all were charged with unlawful possession of marijuana.

“The neighbors on that street had become concerned about a group of youths hanging around that house yelling, screaming, using drugs and causing a nuisance and disrupting the quality of life in the neighborhood,” Speyer said.

He said tips, which are completely anonymous, can be made to the Cheektowaga Police Department by using TIP411 (847411) and typing CPDNY and texting the information.

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