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The following are proven benefits that users of tip411 have realized via their subscription to our web tools.

Feature Benefit
Automated social media publishing

Reach an extended audience, especially a younger demographic

Group text and email alerts

Engage the public quickly with information relevant to them

Unlimited public target groups

Targeting information to specific groups helps to further engage the public

Private group creation

Save time by using the same system to send to internal private groups via text or email

Anonymous tips via text or web

Enabling the public to be proactive will further engage them in your efforts and drive down investigative costs

Two-way communication with tipsters

Gather more information and cultivate ongoing communications from proactive citizens

Response, audit, and reporting of tip information

Searchable tip database helps save time, correlates information, and allows you to quickly respond to tips

Command and control

Enables internal controls on the capabilities your personnel has access to

Google maps integration

Putting geographical context to crime helps motivate citizens to be proactive

Translation to over 40 languages

No additional resources required to make sure your entire population is able to understand your message

Tip link integration for Facebook pages

More opportunity for citizen response

Integrated crime mapping and web tips

Gives citizens the opportunity to view crime data in ways that are relevant to them and respond directly with tips

Best practices documentation and training

Gives you a head start by leveraging processes others have implemented with success.

Web-based subscription

No IT resources are sapped from your agency or organization, saving time and money

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