On January 6, 2021, Delhi Township Police used the community alerting feature of their tip411 system to reach out to members of their community directly seeking information to help identify a pair of theft suspects.

Thanks to tipsters providing information back to the department using the anonymous tip portion of their tip411 system, police were able to identify both individuals and receive signed warrants for them within a week. 

Delhi Police then sent another alert through their tip411 system back to the community to thank them and let them know that the tips had led to the identifications.

tip411 provides a web-based toolset that allows agencies and the public to interact with each other like never before, across multiple channels, in real time, at an affordable cost.

Used in over 2,000 communities, tip411 provides:

  • Custom, agency branded, free to download, iPhone and Android apps for law enforcement. Build trust and provide transparency to community members of all ages and ethnic backgrounds with tip411.
  • 2-way anonymous tips submitted by the public through text via a custom keyword, over email, weblinks and through your social media sites.
  • Community alerts can be sent to your custom apps, the public’s email and/or text and to your social media sites as well.

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