Law enforcement and community organizations using tip411 are seeing usage increases of up to 40% in the number of tips they are receiving particularly regarding domestic and partner violence during COVID-19.

A recent example from the Rockland County, New York, District Attorney’s Office is below:

“This actually makes social distancing, and all the things the governor and the president have been talking about for the last several months… it makes Tip411 more viable for the citizenry,” says Sgt. Earl Lorence, Director of the Rockland Crime Analysis Center.

More and more people are turning to technology to report crime in the Hudson Valley.

The Rockland County DA’s office says it has seen a more than 40% increase in people using its tip411 mobile app this year over 2019. The top three most reported crimes this year are domestic violence, drugs, and violations of the state’s coronavirus safety guidelines.

The Tip411 system is helping to solve crimes.

Anyone can submit information directly to the DA’s office through the app or website, and it can be done anonymously.

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