With protest, unrest, and unease gripping cities and towns across the US, many agencies and law-abiding citizens are feeling helpless in the face of violence and uncertainty.

tip411 is a simple and effective tool that both law enforcement and the public can rely on during this time and in the future. Law abiding citizens are turning to tip411 to communicate with their local jurisdictions in unprecedented numbers. In fact, over the last 7 days tip411 has seen a 250% increase in usage by law enforcement and the public. It can be quickly deployed and used to help keep communities safe from violent agitators trying to corrupt peaceful protests and bring looters to justice.

Departments can use tip411 to push information out via text message and email directly to subscribers in their community to:

  1. Communicate important and timely public safety information


2. Share messages from your chief or on behalf of the department and bypass the media’s filter

3. Ask for residents’ help in identifying those committing criminal acts in the name of protest movements

And residents can use tip411 to share information anonymously with law enforcement if they know of information that may lead to chaos among peaceful protestors, plans to damage property, or to help identify those who commit assaults against police or participate in looting or other crimes.

Let us help you help your communities. Contact us at info@tip411.com for more information today.