Onondaga County has a new way to reach your local police with a crime tip — without revealing who you are.

There are three ways to do it: You can text TIP411. You can download the county’s TIP411 mobile app on iPhone or Android. Or you can find the Onondaga County Crime Tips Facebook page. (You don’t need to log into Facebook to submit a tip.)

You could be witnessing a violent crime or a suspicious person or something else that police should know about.

All police agencies countywide — from college public safety officers to sheriff’s deputies — can now be reached at any time with a TIP411 text, District Attorney William Fitzpatrick announced today. (Some of the smaller departments are not staffed 24 hours.)

Even better, on-duty officers will get text alerts immediately. Law enforcement can text back with questions. You can send videos and photos from the scene.

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